Letter Contest Winner  - Age 12 & Under

Dear Drabbit Master, 
  My Drabbit means so much to me that I will never forget the time I got my very own Drabbit. It all happened at the Renaissance fair when we passed the Drabbit store and went to the egg shop instead. I picked up an egg and I wanted this amazing statue I saw. But when we started chanting, I was a nervous wreck. When the Ball crushed the egg and the woman opened up the egg. She took out the paper and was expecting a statue. But I was very confused as to why she was surprised. Then she said it , “ $150 puppet”. I was shaking none stop. I asked her what I should do and she said to go to the puppet store and show someone the paper. Then I entered the shop I was so excited on the inside I started to shiver in the hot warm weather. Then this nice woman came to me and greeted me very friendly. I think her name was Miss Hilgrid. She gave me an adoption paper. And she told me I was very lucky. Nothing like this ever happened to me before. She told me she was going to scream it out into the path to the jousting match. I was gifted by the most beautiful Drabbit I have ever seen. My Drabbit is named Icee and she is my prized possession. She means so much to me. She is the most special ,most amazing ,most interesting Drabbit I’ve ever seen. I also act like she is alive and real. My brothers even got one, and I make sure they take care of it . And when they don’t I take care of it. I enjoy playing with the Drabbits. They also make great company.