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What People Are Saying

"Clearly, the artists had put as much effort into each Drabbit’s individual personality as they had into their craftsmanship."

- Fox

"The first time I had seen these puppets I had gone to the festival expecting to eat a turkey leg, watch a show or 2, and otherwise just wander with my girlfriend. I never got that turkey leg, instead I found myself spellbound by the artistry and imagination in these little puppets called the drabbits. I have been going steadily for over 7 years now and their shop is where I spend most my time drinking in the craft that brings these puppets to life. I don't think I would go to the festival were it not for the Imaginarium Galleries."

- Ben

Drabbit |dra-bit|
Crossbreed between a dragon and a rabbit.

Having taken centuries to perfect, the Alfaro artists can bring to your home pet sized dragons.  Small and fuzzy with ferocious personalities, these creatures are the perfect addition to any family.  The Alfaros now offer much more than just Drabbits in dragon form; the Drabbit breed has grown to include griffins, unicorns, faeries, wolves, monkeys, butterfly dragons, pegasus, draffins, and the many variations of these and other creatures that their imaginations can come up with.  There is never a shortage of magical & mythical fantasy creatures at Imaginarium Galleries!

Drabbits were created by Albert Alfaro Jr.  Each of our Drabbits is unique and hand-crafted individually by the dragon-masters.  In order to fully appreciate each piece of art you must see these remarkable creatures in person.  However, our digital menagerie gives you a small glimpse of our creations and the magic they possess.