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Hello Friends!

Wow!  We would like to take a moment to officially thank each and every one of you for entering the 2013/2014 Contest Extravaganza!  The levels of sincerity, creativity, skill, and admiration that you put into these contest entries was nothing short of astonishingly marvelous!  Not only did you spark and ignite our own creativity sending it into overdrive (a state which is yielding some fantastic Drabbits that we are ecstatic to share), but you helped remind us what Drabbits mean to us; and then… you proved it!

Drabbits are alive!  Now, we don't mean that in the sense that they come alive when you go to sleep, cause mischief all around your house, then put everything back together before you wake up.  That would just be silly (but pretty cool, we have to admit)!  Drabbits are alive because you breathe life into them with your belief in them and, in return, they inspire wonder.  They inspire wonder and provide you with whatever it is that you need from them because, you see, since you are the ones who give them life, you get to write their story.  For some people, Drabbits provide fun-- a small escape to a land where fantasy rules.  To others, Drabbits provide hope-- perhaps hope that magic and wonder is indeed not lost in the world.  To many, Drabbits provide joy-- if not directly through friendship, then perhaps by serving as a reminder to enjoy life and to let your imagination roam free.  That is what Drabbits mean to us.

Without doubt, these contests were the hardest that we have ever had to judge.  So much emotion was poured into them that we weren’t just reading letters and looking at pictures; we were feeling them.  You made us laugh and you made us cry.  You made us happy and you made us excited, but above all, you made us thankful.  Thankful that our Drabbits have touched the lives of so many people in such a positive way.  Thankful that we have the most amazing friends and fans in the entire world.  Thankful that you give us the opportunity to continue inspiring you with our creations, and thankful that we truly have the best jobs in the world. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Imaginarium Galleries Team

Drabbit Masters