Welcome to the Drabbit Dollars Headquarters, your official source for Drabbit Dollars and everything you need to know about them!  What are Drabbit Dollars you ask?  The best way that we can answer that is to share the thought process behind their inception.  One of the things that our family believes in very strongly is giving back.  We donate to varied global, national, and local charities and foundations all throughout the year.  We consider ourselves lucky and are very grateful for the opportunity to do that.  We credit our wonderful fans for making everything we do here at Imaginarium Galleries possible.  As such, we regularly donate Drabbits, have Drabbit giveaways, and host contests to show our gratitude and inspire creativity!  If you’ve ever visited us at a festival or convention, you’ve probably witnessed this first hand in the form of our Great Dragon Raffle.  If you haven’t, then be sure to ask about it the next time you visit us!  We give numerous Drabbits away for free at many of the events in which we participate!

Drabbit Dollars are another way for us to give back to our community of amazing Drabbit fans!  As our fanbase grows, so does its geographical diversity.  We realize that not everyone is able to visit our shop or booth at an event, therefore, many people don’t get the chance to participate in such great things like our Dragon Raffles.  That’s where Drabbit Dollars come in!  Drabbit Dollars are essentially one-time use coupon codes that are created exclusively for our online store.  They are applied by entering the code at checkout and will spend like cash toward any Drabbit purchases of $75 or more!  We intend to give Drabbit Dollars away for free during spontaneous bouts of generosity throughout the year!  Nearly all Drabbit Dollar giveaways, no matter the amount, will be announced on our social media pages.  Large scale giveaways and the occasional mailing list exclusives will be sent to our mailing list subscribers, so be social with us and sign up for the mailing list to increase your chances of snagging some free Drabbit Dollars! 



  • Q: How do I get Drabbit Dollars!?
  • A: Like, Follow, and favorite us on social media for the best chance to see our Drabbit Dollar announcements before anyone else and get free Drabbit Dollars!  Mailing list subscribers will also be informed of large giveaways and occasional exclusives, so signing up for the mailing list will give you even more opportunities!


  • Q: How do I use Drabbit Dollars?
  • A: Enter the Drabbit Dollars Code into the "Coupon Code" field at checkout.


  • Q: Can Drabbit Dollars be used in-store at Imaginarium Galleries shops and booths?
  • A: No; Drabbit Dollars can only be used in our online store.  There are many great in-store opportunities though, just stop on in and ask us about them!


  • Q: Can you save a Drabbit Dollars code for me?
  • A: Unfortunately, no.  Drabbit Dollar codes are released publicly.  Once released, codes are immediately active and can be used at any given time on a first come, first served basis.  The quicker you act, the higher your chance at success will be with a particular code.  Drabbit Dollars are perfect to help you adopt that special Drabbit you’ve been eyeing or have had favorited in our online store. 


  • Q: You’ve already got a sale going on in your online store, can I use Drabbit Dollars too?
  • A: Yes!  Drabbit Dollars spend like cash toward any puppets in our online store!  Just be sure that the subtotal of the puppets in your shopping cart is at least $75 after the sale discount. Valid Drabbit Dollar codes can be entered as a coupon code at checkout and will be applied to the puppets in your cart.


  • Q: Can a Drabbit Dollars code be broken down into smaller amounts?
  • A: No; an example of this would be if you have a $95 Drabbit in your shopping cart and you use a $100 Drabbit Dollars code— $95 would be instantly deducted and the five remaining Drabbit Dollars would be unusable since all codes will automatically deactivate after one use.  Now, if you had a second puppet in your cart at the same time, then the $5 would be deducted from that puppet and you would use all $100 of the Drabbit Dollars code!


  • Q: Can Drabbit Dollars be used towards shipping fees?
  • A: No; Drabbit Dollars will only deduct from the puppets’ subtotal of your cart and do not apply to shipping fees.


  • Q: Do Drabbit Dollars expire?
  • A: Drabbit Dollars are more likely to be used before they would expire, but yes, Drabbit Dollars do expire.  Any expirations will be clearly detailed where we post the codes.


  • Q: All of this information is great and all, but now that I know how they work, show me the Drabbit Dollars!!!  Where can I find the actual codes?
  • A: Clicking the image below will take you to our Drabbit Dollars code archive.  Available Drabbit Dollar codes can be found there!


We hope you enjoy using Drabbit Dollars!  Good luck!