Frequently Asked Questions > Drabbits > How do I use my Leather Drabbit Harness?

The steps below will help guide you through the proper way to use your Drabbit's harness.  Please note that we are on a constant quest to improve every aspect of our products and services.  The instructions below reference our latest harness version.  If you aquired your harness prior to Fall of 2015, then Step 2 does not apply and can be skipped.  Good luck!
  • Step 1: Secure your Drabbit to the harness.  For single cabled Drabbits, tie the elastic shock cord tightly between the wings and neck of your Drabbit.  Pull the knot away from the Drabbit as you tighten it to avoid hair getting caught in the knot.  For dual cable Drabbits, thread the shock cord under the wings and mechanics, but above the body and tie tightly.  This will ensure that none of your Drabbit’s mechanical functions are hindered by the harness. Note that if you purchased your Drabbit and harness at the same time, then we’ve most likely already done this part for you and you can move on to Step 2.  
  • Step 2: Decide which shoulder you want to wear your Drabbit on and adjust cords if necessary.  The cords used to secure the Drabbit to your shoulder will need to be closest to your neck.  They can easily be set for either shoulder by pulling both cords all the way through the harness to the side you prefer.
  • Step 3: Use the harness cords to tie your Drabbit on.  Place the Drabbit on your shoulder and look into a mirror to make sure you have them situated the way you want.  Run the cords down and across the front and back of your torso keeping tension on them to make sure your Drabbit maintains their position. Cross the cords near your waist and bring them back to the Drabbit side of your body then tie them together like a shoelace.  See image below for cord placement.  Until you practice, this step will be easiest with a helper.
  • Step 4: Verify that your harness is working properly.  Now that you are wearing your Drabbit, lets make sure he won’t be taking any unintentional flights!  Lean forward, backwards, and shake your shoulder around a little.  If your Drabbit is securely attached to the harness, but doesn’t seem to stay in place on your shoulder, then repeat Step 3.  Ensure that you keep proper tension on the cords right up until they are tied.  This will prevent your Drabbit from sliding about on your shoulder.
  • Step 5: Go on an adventure!

If you have any questions or need further help, please contact us and we will be happy to assist!