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"In my twenty plus years as a collector and performer, I have had the privilege to own and operate some of the world's greatest figures made and fine tuned by such artists as Mac, Marshall, McElroy, Hartz, Selberg and Leder.  I would without a doubt put Albert Alfaro in that group of legendary craftsmen!"

- Alan Ende

"I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude and sheer joy with my Club Fats.  He is awesome.  The pictures are great, but once you see him in person, he blew my mind.  Totally awe struck.  Smooth mechanics, he is a joy to work, so easy to bring to life.  Your meticulous attention to detail is beyond words.  The few phone conversations we had, you were always more than accommodating.  That tells me a lot about you as an artist, a business man and a person.  I was totally at ease throughout the process.  Albert you are a true professional.  Thank you so much."

- Paul Lawrence

“I just had to write you this brief letter to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with my “Cletus” vent figure that you so kindly created for me. I did a vast amount of research on the internet before deciding that you had THE “hillbilly/country bumpkin” figure that I was looking for. I was very excited when Anthony, your “in the field” associate, emailed me and said that you had consented to make Cletus for me. Anthony was outstanding and was extremely helpful, informative, and just plain NICE in every correspondence we had! I anxiously awaited word that my figure was finished and on his way to me. Even though the wait was excruciating, you were able to deliver my new pal 2 weeks ahead of the anticipated completion date. Since I had already been sent several pictures of Cletus prior to his shipping, I already knew he was a great looking guy but I really wasn’t prepared for what I received when I took him out of the shipping box! WOW, WOW, WOW is an understatement! Cletus is absolutely magnificent!! His “look” is SO FUNNY and he is SO LIFELIKE that he cracks me up just looking at him! His movements are silky smooth and SO EASY to operate. He is a sheer JOY to work with! BEST money I have EVER spent on a vent figure! Well worth every penny I paid for him! Albert, you are an artistic genius and a MASTER craftsman in every sense. I cannot tell you how HAPPY I really am! Cletus L.C. Jones is going to become the premier member of my vent family and routine. I am hoping that you will make me several more figures in the near future. I will certainly let everyone know who made Cletus for me and highly recommend you to all my ventriloquist friends! Once again: WOW, WOW, and WOW!!!”

Your So CAL Pals,

Jim Barnett & Cletus, Bobby, and Uncle Gus (aka: “Barney’s Buddies”)

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