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      New Drabbit Series: World Premiere!

      Here at Imaginarium Galleries, we have artful eyes.  As much as we enjoy creating new Drabbits and designing new creatures, we enjoy the dazzling art filled world that we live in and are on an ceaseless quest for inspiration.  For us, inspiration is what propels innovation.  Conceptual thoughts become the blueprints for design prototypes, and with some hard work and dedication to our craft, new products are born!

      That said, we are elated to introduce our latest Drabbit series to the world!  I’m sure many of you have heard the story of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.  Even for those who don’t know the story, Jekyll & Hyde will most certainly ring some bells in your head.  They have become synonymous with things like transformation, personality change, and even balance; a yin & yang of sorts.  

      This is the basis upon which we created our latest Drabbit series; we call them “The Hyders”!  On the surface, Hyder Drabbits look like, and even operate, just as you would expect a regular Drabbit to, but the surface features are not what make them Hyders… Hidden deep within every Hyder Drabbit, there is a starkly contrasting personality that lays dormant— waiting patiently for the light of day to shine upon its face— and with the flick of your wrist— it can!  You simply pull forward and lift on your Hyder Drabbit’s face to find that in actuality, it is a carefully engineered and crafted shell!  Beneath it, the Drabbit’s inner personality is hiding!

      Click through the slideshow below for a demonstration.
      We often hear from our customers that the eyes and faces of our Drabbit’s are what draws them into a particular puppet; owning a Hyder Drabbit is like having two Drabbits in one!  They are meticulously crafted so that, stylistically, both faces are a flawless match, but their personalities are on opposite ends of the spectrum!
       To celebrate the world premiere and launch of The Hyders, Albert has crafted ten unique and spectacular masterpieces.  In an unprecedented event, all ten are being made available exclusively in our Online Store!  Each Hyder is numbered and signed!  Jekyll, the aptly named Hyder Drabbit featured on this page, is #1.  The first of his kind and ready to be adopted!  A Hyder Drabbit would be a prized addition to any Drabbit collection!




      Black Friday Sale!

      15% OFF Storewide! +FREE goodies with every Drabbit purchased!  This is an exclusive online offer!  Check out the details on the storefront homepage.

      Happy Thanksgiving!



      2015 Contests Launched!

      We are excited to announce that our 2015 Contests have been launched!  Visit the Contest Headquarters to uncover all of the details and learn about our brand new Monthly Social Media Giveaway!!!



      2013/2014 Contest Winners Announced!!!


      We would like to thank everyone who entered the 2013/2014 Contest Extravaganza!  We are elated to announce the winners and unveil to the world all of their fantastic Drabbit winning entries!  Head on over to the Official Contest Headquarters to discover the winners now!

      Also, don't miss our letter to all contestants to find out what Drabbits mean to us.  Thank you again to all those who entered!  We can't wait to see what you come up with for our 2015 Contests!


      Stay Tuned-- Big Announcements Coming!

      Greetings Friends!

      We hope that everyone had very Happy Holidays filled with joy and love!  As we are on the cusp of the New Year, we find ourselves once again looking back on an amazing and exciting year filled with fantastic memories made with new friends & old friends alike.  Thank you everyone for being such an integral part of that!  It is you, our awesome fans, that drive us to keep innovating and creating exciting new products for the future!  Thank you!!!

      Stay tuned, because we have very exciting things in store for you and they are happening right now!

      1)  All contest winners have been chosen!  We received a surge of last minute entries and wanted to make sure each and every one got the same careful attention that the ones prior had.  Such amazing entries we recieved for the contests this time around!  Thank you so very much!  We are in the process of prepping the necessary web pages to unveil the winners to the world, so stay tuned!  You can expect to see the official winners announcement here on our website, on Facebook, and Twitter in the first week of the New Year!

      2)  In January we will announce our 2015 contest offerings, and we have some HUGE surprizes in store for you!! We will be giving away more Drabbits than we ever have!!

      3)  Keep an eye on our webstore, we have been working on some revolutionary and extraordinary new Drabbit designs that will be available (in very limited quantities) to our online store customers first before they even hit the booth shelves!

      Thank you for the wonderful year friends!!  We'll see you again soon!

      - Imaginarium Galleries Team