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      Product Launch: The Emotive Ones!

      One of the most exciting things for our team is when we launch a new product or design.  In some cases, there are literally years of anticipation before we are fully prepared to share a creation with the world!  Not always because it takes years to develop that single product (although, sometimes it does!), but because we have so many ideas and concepts that we want to share with you and time becomes the inhibitor!   We find ourselves jumping between projects, making some progress on one, until, ultimately, the sparks of innovation ignite and lead us to the next project.  Most of this takes place in a small private studio that we have appropriately dubbed, “the imagination station”; its kind of like our creative think tank.  The most exhilarating aspect of the entire process is that it creates an innovation cycle of sorts.  Every 3 or 4 years, we reach a point where there are many projects in the final stages before release.  When this happens, the result is a year bursting with exciting innovations and, dear friends, 2016 is one of those years!  We are thrilled to unveil our latest creation to you!  Meet “Albizär”.

      Albizär is an Artist Proof— the very first in a new series of Drabbits that we call “The Emotive Ones”.  When Albert set out to create The Emotive Ones, he had one question in mind, “How can I make a Drabbit that appears to display emotions?”.  That one question became the ultimate goal for the entire project and the basis for its design!  Embedded within Albizär, there are multiple omnidirectionally adjustable memory joints!  These joints can be completely adjusted and will hold their position!  All the while, Albizär maintains all of the animated abilities that our dual-cabled Drabbits posses.  With this unique and innovative new design, Albizär is able to emote unlike any Drabbit has ever before!  His ears, arms, legs, and even his neck are all posable!  By creating combinations and adjusting multiple areas at once, you will unlock Albizär’s full potential!  Lets say, for instance, that he is thinking, by crossing his arms and tilting his neck upwards with a slight rotation (like he looking towards the sky), you can convey he is thinking without even operating him!  Or perhaps you are at odds with your shoulder riding companion; you could rotate his neck so that he is looking away from you and drop his ears down.  Not to worry though, once you’ve made up, twist his neck towards you, perk up his ears, and he can bop his head in agreement that all is right in his world!  Maybe Albizär is helping you tell a spooky story; you could raise just his outermost ear as if he is listening intently because he thinks he hears a creepy noise.  Better yet, raise the ear nearest to you so that you can whisper in his ear and then respond with his controls.  The applications are endless making the use of an Action Dragon an entirely new and immersive experience!
      Click the images below to enlarge them and see Albizär in action!
      Normally, an innovation of this magnitude would remain in Albert’s private collection for years, but he was so excited to share this creation with the world that he couldn’t justify locking him away like that!  Albizär, the first Emotive Drabbit, is signed #1 and will be up for adoption in our online store!  Check him out!

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