Here at Imaginarium Galleries, we strive to provide unique puppets that are as fun and functional as they are beautiful.  We are a family owned and operated business, and we take great care to ensure that every puppet sold is a high quality product that we can proudly stand behind.  If you visit our "About The Artist" page, you can see that Imaginarium Galleries all started with a genuine love of puppetry.  Not just making puppets come to life, but enjoying others performing with them as well.  Our puppets would not be what they are today without our customers.  It is human interaction that truly brings our creations to life and that is where the real magic is... in you!  We are very thankful to our customers which is why they have been, and always will be, the number one priority at Imaginarium Galleries.  We express our gratitude by avidly giving back to the community and donating to multiple charities throughout the year.  We also host free raffles where we give away hundreds of Drabbits every year.  When you acquire one of our Drabbits or ventriloquist figures, we want you to feel like you have adopted a new pet or found a lifelong companion.  Our true measure of success is not in the number of puppets we sell, but in the smiles that we put on people's faces.  We hope that you enjoy our puppets as much as we enjoy making them!